A couple of days with the Lensbaby circular fisheye.

In late June i had one of my regular trips to Kent to visit friends. I took the chance to put the Lensbaby fisheye onto the camera for a couple of days. We had a trip to Brockhill Country Park, which i know quite well, so i tried out the lens to see how differently i viewed the subject matter. The next morning i took a wander along the seafront for a couple of miles in the area between Hythe and Dymchurch.

The lens obviously gives massive distortion as it has a 180 degree field of view. As i used it more and more i realised i like to keep the horizon level, so therefore in the centre of the frame. This became most obvious by the sea.

Another thing to get used to is the way the image is framed due to the reflected light within the lens creating a circle outside. Some people won’t like this, but personally i find it can be quite arty and it can be used as part of the image whilst taking the shot.

Her’s a sample from the two days. One of them looking down the steps to the sea has a completely different look at night in a photo in this blog. There’s also a view back up the steps. I used a photo of that in another blog post, it’s the last one. It demonstrates how places can look so different depending on how and when we photograph them.






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Art And Abandonment

A while back i posted a blog called Naked UrbEx. It was bringing nudity into Urban Exploration and included a video i put together of myself. Well that video was picked up by a guy called Sid who was researching for a short documentary about art and abandonment. He contacted me about why i did the nude stuff and this led to an interview via Skype. We chatted for a couple of hours about urbex and a variety of other things. Sid then asked if he could use part of my video and some photos, so of course i agreed. Below is his documentary and you can hear a few of my thoughts in it. It includes a couple of others too, and i like what they have to say, and what they’re doing, so please have a look.

You can find Sid here on YouTube






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Minimal Landscape.

When out in the countryside, sometimes, instead of photographing sweeping landscapes, sometimes it’s nice to keep it a bit more minimal. Maybe use the curve of a hill against the sky.
Following on from my last blog post walking up Kinder Scout in the Peak District, here are three landscapes that i tried to keep minimal.





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A Short Walk To Kinder Scout.

I met with a few people yesterday in Edale. We didn’t do a long walk, just up Crowden and onto the Kinder plateau. As one group then headed to the highest point, i took a couple along the edge to Grindslow Knoll and back down to Edale, where we had a beer and met the others when they caught us up again. The weather was gloriously sunny, though the wind on top was quite chilly. All in all it was a good little walk and i got meet some nice people.






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Almost Spectral

As i’ve recently bought the Lensbaby fisheye lens, a few examples of which can be seen in my last post here, i decided i should try a few nudes as well.

Perching the camera on a Gorillapod, i tried a few simple poses to see how the extreme distortion worked with the body. As the camera was kept in the same position for several shots at a time, i thought it might be worth trying a few poses that could later be layered together to make multiple exposures. Here are three examples.

The first image, made up of four photos, just manages to be Facebook friendly. When i posted it on there my friend Pixi said it looked “Almost Spectral” and so that gave me the title of this blog.

The next two images are made up of two photos each. It’s quite obvious that the foremost figure in one becomes the background figure in the second. I quite like the way they work together.











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Playing about with the new Lensbaby fisheye…

The other day i posted that i’d just bought the Lensbaby circular fisheye. Well a couple of days ago i went out for a bit of a play with it. I decided to head to an abandoned farm i’ve visited a few times as i know the place reasonably well. Something i’ve already realised is that i’m going to have to think about composition differently.
How does something curve around the frame?
Is something to to look too distorted?
What, if anything, needs to be in the foreground?
These are just a few of things to think about. It’s not really any different to any photography, but the way the lens works does make you look in a new way when you’re not used to it.







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Lensbaby Circular Fisheye!

I have a new toy to play with!






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