Almost Spectral

As i’ve recently bought the Lensbaby fisheye lens, a few examples of which can be seen in my last post here, i decided i should try a few nudes as well.

Perching the camera on a Gorillapod, i tried a few simple poses to see how the extreme distortion worked with the body. As the camera was kept in the same position for several shots at a time, i thought it might be worth trying a few poses that could later be layered together to make multiple exposures. Here are three examples.

The first image, made up of four photos, just manages to be Facebook friendly. When i posted it on there my friend Pixi said it looked “Almost Spectral” and so that gave me the title of this blog.

The next two images are made up of two photos each. It’s quite obvious that the foremost figure in one becomes the background figure in the second. I quite like the way they work together.











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Playing about with the new Lensbaby fisheye…

The other day i posted that i’d just bought the Lensbaby circular fisheye. Well a couple of days ago i went out for a bit of a play with it. I decided to head to an abandoned farm i’ve visited a few times as i know the place reasonably well. Something i’ve already realised is that i’m going to have to think about composition differently.
How does something curve around the frame?
Is something to to look too distorted?
What, if anything, needs to be in the foreground?
These are just a few of things to think about. It’s not really any different to any photography, but the way the lens works does make you look in a new way when you’re not used to it.







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Lensbaby Circular Fisheye!

I have a new toy to play with!






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Wintery Walk On Stanage

Last weekend i had the chance to head out to the Peak District for a bit of a walk in the snow. As some of the roads were impassable for the average car we decided to meet in Hathersage.
We took a steady walk over fields and a couple of roads until turning off onto the old pack horse trail that leads up to Stanage Edge. As there was a very strong cold wind blowing we had lunch by a small copse of trees that gave us shelter. As the sun had come out it made for a very pleasant lunch break.
We followed the trail onto the top of Stanage. The wind was strong and the snow often knee deep. With the sun out and the wind behind us it wasn’t as cold as we’d expected.
We followed the edge to the end and dropped down to the northern end of Burbage, then turned right along the road. We had planned on taking a path to cut back down to Hathersage, but the deep snow would have been thigh deep in places so we followed the road until we found a more accessible path. From there we passed through a farm and then down a track back into Hathersage.
It’s not the longest of walks any of us have done, but it was hard going at times in the knee deep snow. All in all it was a good day out in lovely countryside with good people.






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Appropriate Clothing?

When out and about doing a bit of Urban Exploration you should always make sure you wear appropriate clothing…









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On A Cold And Starry Night…

It’s a cold night, not many people about. With your scarf around your neck and hood up your protected from the cold of the night. You walk along the path above the sea front and plan to wander down to the sea and enjoy the clear winter sky along with the peace and quiet.
You see someone sitting on a bench, maybe out to enjoy the quiet and the clear night. You glance across as you pass. You say “Good evening!”
He replies in a soft voice with his head down “Yes it is, cold, but a lovely starry night.”
“It is indeed” you say as you carry on walking past.


As you keep walking you get that feeling, that one where you think someone is following you. You glance behind and see that guy is now walking at a distance behind you. You smile as you think to yourself that he must be cold after sitting there for a while.


You’re now at the steps down to the sea. The tide is mostly in but you want to go down anyway, it’ll get you away from the street lights so you sit and enjoy the night sky.

You walk down the steps to the sea. Something makes you glance back. He’s there!

In that quick glance and brief exchange you never noticed the knife casually held in his right hand…
As you looked back earlier you again failed to see the knife in his hand…
But now! In the silhouette the knife is clear.
In that first moment as he takes a step towards you, you’re trapped!















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And Down To The Sea…At Night

This photo was taken on the same night as my last post, which was looking towards Hythe. This is just a short distance to the west of Hythe on the south coast in Kent. The steps take you down to the beach but the tide had been in so i didn’t make it all the way down. The view is towards France across the English Channel, so yes, that’s light pollution and not the remains of a sunset.
This is a 30 second exposure and i lit the walls with a small torch. It also added some light to the sea which i think works nicely.
The line in the sky is from an aeroplane. I thought about removing it but i actually quite like it. Besides, it shows what’s in the sky and what we capture in photos.







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