A Naked Dream

I had this odd dream where I was walking across a small footbridge over a canal. I was naked and carrying a pretty pink umbrella…

Was it a dream?

Or did it really happen?






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I Give You The Stars!

Celebrating our place in the Universe!



The site is quite interesting. It’s at Harboro Rocks in Derbyshire. It always makes me think of South America and some of the ancient sites there.

A little searching on the internet and it seems it may have been part of an old lead mine. I’ve photographed here in the past in a similar way in daytime, but wanted to try something at night. The sky cleared beautifully for me.




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New Lens…

I recently decided to buy a new lens!

The process of buying a new lens is often quite long and thoughtful as it’s quite an expense to those of us on low incomes. You have to think a lot about what you need, zoom or prime? Wide angle? Telephoto? How much is it? Can you afford it? What will you have to go without to be able to buy it?

On the other hand, sometimes it’s an easy decision. I splashed out the princely sum of £11.99 on a cheap plastic Holga lens. Yes it really is that cheap, and plastic. The image quality is never going to be awesome, and it has quite a lot of vignetting. But it’s also meant to fun and have that old cheap effect that Holga are known for, and has been popular for many years. Digital users often emulate it, and camera phone apps provide the means to many old fashioned looks. So for a penny under 12 quid i thought it’d be a fun little bargain.

Not had chance to play with it much yet but here’s a couple of early shots with it. I want to try it out with portraits as a couple i managed of friends looked pretty good. I’ll try and do some more that i can share…





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At Night With A Lensbaby Circular Fisheye

A few weeks ago i was in mid Wales for a friends birthday. As we sat around an open fire in the garden i started playing about with the Lensbaby circular fisheye lens. I tried a few hand-held shots, and also some long exposure, especially looking at the night sky.

Here’s a few samples. The orange glow is from the fire of course, and i think it works quite nicely.



In some ways a lens like this is harder than you’d think to get it right, but it’s also a really fun lens to use.




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A little Art Nude On The Derbyshire Moorland

It’s not always possible to find a decently secluded spot for art nude in the Derbyshire countryside. Wherever you go there always seems to be a footpath nearby and just as you start stripping off people come wandering along. Now i’m not bothered about being naked outdoors and people wandering along, but when alone it can be very difficult. It’s quite different to being with another person, or in a group.
Over the past few years i’ve managed to find a few good spots in the woods, and this year i’ve found a couple of pretty good places out on the moors. These photos were taken on moorland above the village of Bamford, not too far from Bamford Edge. Across the moor can also be seen Stanage Edge. I also took the photos for my last blog post, Go Topless – Free The Nipple, in the same area. I’m far enough away from the nearest footpath, and have a good view of anyone approaching across the open moor, so i thought i’d give this a go for some nudes.


The two photos in the first gallery are my favourites form the shoot.


These are the ones i kind of like, but have elements that don’t quite do it for me. I’m adding them to show the trial and error that takes place. This happens when you have a photographer and model too, but is a lot harder to get right when trying this on your own.


Finally a few shots showing how alone i was to the point where i could just wander around working out the shots, and taking in the scenery without having to bother getting dressed. In other words, these show the naturist side of me.




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Go Topless – Free The Nipple

In support of Go Topless and Free The Nipple campaigns.

There is a bizarre inequality when it comes to going topless in many countries, cities, towns etc. It’s often ok for men but not for women to bare their chests in public. On social media sites we regularly see photos of the bear female breast removed and warnings given, or even people being banned. This has even applied to photos of breastfeeding and mastectomy scars.

In England nudity is not illegal, yet women will be told to cover up for walking around topless whilst men won’t. In New York women have the right to be topless in any place a man is allowed. Again a woman will be told to cover up and possibly be arrested if she dares to uphold her right in law to go topless.

It’s not so long ago that men had to keep their chests covered in public places. Men gained the right to go topless, it’s way beyond time that women had equality to do the same if they so choose.

Much of the issue is that the female breast is looked at in a sexual way, but this ignores that the breast and nipple exist primarily for feeding a baby. This is natural, beautiful, and non sexual.

There are many many times when the human body is non sexual. In fact social nudity is very much non sexual. In 20 years as a life model i learned how non sexual nudity can be.

People are taught that the body must be covered, that it’s only seen in a sexual way, that it’s disgusting and a host of other bizarre reasons to not allow body freedom. Attitudes have to change so people see the body as some wonderful rather than a dirty object to be covered.

If men had to wear a bra..

If men had to wear a bra

This is not too dissimilar to how men would have to dress when bathing at the beach, a lake, or pool.


If men can go topless, why not women?

Go Topless – Free The Nipple from Purple T on Vimeo.




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Wind Power Rocks! (A naked celebration)

Out and about the other day i stopped off to look at the wind turbines on the hill between Carsington Water and Harborough Rocks in Derbyshire. It was a rather dull and drizzly wet day. Being one of those people that enjoys stripping off in the great outdoors, i took the chance to do a bit of in the raw celebrating at seeing renewable energy at work. So here i am with purple polka dot brolly in hand.





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