About Town….

Having had a rather uninspiring walk in dreary wet weather recently in a nearby city centre, i thought i’d have another go at home yesterday.

I had to meet up with a friend and fellow photographer after work, so after a cup of tea we set of walking around town.

I had in mind to take black and white only, but i found certain things that interested me were quite colourful, so i ended up with versions of both, but for this blog i’ve decided to go with colour (the black and white versions can be seen on my flickr page) These are a combination of nice lighting, and hopefully in some, a comment on small changes that we tend to ignore over time, as mentioned in descriptions.

This is St Peter’s Church. I like the lighting on it, and the colour that’s still in the sky.

IMG 0342

St Peter's Church

This photograph shows a cyclist walking through the pedestrianised area in the centre of town. There’s been a lot of complaints about cyclists riding through this area, so much so that the local council and police teamed up to give warnings, and then to fine people for doing so. The real problem is that when it was pedestrianised there was no provision made for cyclists to get across the city in this direction, and more recent road alterations have only caused more problems for cyclists with no space on busy narrow roads, or being forced to take much longer convoluted routes in dark areas that are getting a reputation for assaults and muggings. The irony here is that motor vehicles are allowed along this road during the hours of 17:00 and 10:00, a parked vehicle can be seen in the distance. As this photo shows, it’s not busy, and would be perfectly ok for commuting cyclists to ride.

IMG 0311

A cyclist walking along the pedestrianised St Peter's Street

Later in the evening it rained and looking down this road gave quite wonderful shiny reflections from all the lights.

IMG 0353

Reflections on East Street

Now we have a public telephone kiosk. These are becoming rare as so many people now have mobile phones. We’ve lost most of the traditional red phone boxes, and what we now have are often left in poor repair. It’s a shame as not only are we losing some of the character of our towns and cities, but when something like this is left in poor repair it makes an area look shabby. Of course it would help if people didn’t damage them, which is part of the bigger problem of a lack of respect by many people nowadays of where they live, and places they visit.

IMG 0340

Shabby telephone kiosk

Not too many years ago we didn’t have such things as cashpoint machines. I remember my confusion the first time i had to use one. Now they’re just a common commodity in our lives. Yet with so many transactions in shops made by card, and with so much online buying, it wonder if these will become rarer in the next few years in the same way as the public telephone?

IMG 0341

Cashpoint machines





About PurpleT

Much of my photography is art and documentary. I try to capture a scene as i see it in my mind, whether that be black and white, colour, or somewhere in between. I try to make an interesting, and/or attractive image from what i see around me, not just what would be expected, but also subjects that would be seen boring, mundane, or ugly by many. But they all have an interest as art photography. I have also spent nearly twenty years working as a life model, then the human figure in art is very important to me, and is something i try to bring into my work at times.
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3 Responses to About Town….

  1. opticbard says:

    I love how you have a photo of a phone booth, followed by a cashpoint machine, or ATM as we call them in Canada. Reading your post makes me realize just how many things we never think to photograph because they are “common place” and yet with technology the way it is, “common place” changes so fast.

    I also really love the photo you took of St. Peter’s Church, you’re right the lighting on it is fantastic. Is that photo a single image, or a combination?

    • PurpleT says:

      I have a habit of photographing the “common place”, and perhaps the mundane, boring, and ugly too. Sometimes it’s as you say, everything changes so fast, and people seem to miss so much of it. But also, i like to try and create an interesting and/or attractive image.

      The church is always lit like that, but no one ever really stops to look at it for some reason…..
      It’s a single image taken at the 18mm end of a zoom lens.

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