Mobile Portraits

Whist out taking photographs in the street i started to notice just how many people are using a mobile phone, whether talking or texting. It started in London during the Royal Wedding whilst taking candid style portraits. Looking at the photos on the camera i was surprised at just how many were using a phone. Even if they’re not using it they’re so often carrying it at the ready.

Working at a college with students then i’ve come to expect use of a mobile phone to take precedent over pretty much everything else. For many young people it seems life can’t carry on unless they have a phone at the ready, it’s a scourge of the classroom. But it’s becoming more and more noticeable that people of most age groups are now using mobile phones wherever they go. What is really disconcerting is that most don’t really look where they’re going. It’s now well known that using a mobile phone is very distracting when driving, but pedestrians walk into the road quite happily in front of vehicles. It can be quite frightening to watch.

Walking around town today photographing people using a phone became my theme for the day………


Taken in London during the Royal Wedding after i'd noticed how many people i captured on the phone. I loved the colours against the tree, and the fact she was oblivious to pretty much anything going on around her.


Happy in her conversation.


How does she juggle the bags and folder, and still use the phone...?


Texting away with no great concern for who, or what, she might bump in to.


Lost in conversation.....


Talking rather than looking where he's going.


Doing a business deal perhaps..? But Is the Market Place the right place..?


People on phones rarely seem to be looking where they're going. So often they have their eyes down....


Walking across a road without a care in the world.


Another phone user with eyes down.....



About PurpleT

Much of my photography is art and documentary. I try to capture a scene as i see it in my mind, whether that be black and white, colour, or somewhere in between. I try to make an interesting, and/or attractive image from what i see around me, not just what would be expected, but also subjects that would be seen boring, mundane, or ugly by many. But they all have an interest as art photography. I have also spent nearly twenty years working as a life model, then the human figure in art is very important to me, and is something i try to bring into my work at times.
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4 Responses to Mobile Portraits

  1. GB says:

    haha, what a great idea! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Gary says:

    Wicked portraits, really do like them

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