Sad Bastards!!

This isn’t the best photograph i’ve ever taken, and if it wasn’t for the comment from the losers in the photo, then i’d probably not even be showing it.

I was looking at reflections in an empty shop window. This isn’t too bad as it breaks down into three sections, but like i said, it’s not the best.

These three lads had no idea what i was doing. They had no idea i was looking for reflections, but as they walked past they saw me taking photos. There was a comment about photographing a window, then they called me a “Sad Bastard”.

Well if it’s sad to try to look for something different, something interesting, or something that may be aesthetically interesting through its composition, then i guess i am a sad bastard.

If, on the other hand, being someone who does try to see something interesting in the world them, and tries to capture this in an interesting image, makes me a sad bastard, then just what does it make these totally unimaginative losers..??

Sad Bastards!

Not bad, but not brilliant. But at least i'm trying to make something interesting of the world around me rather than just taking the piss out of those who do, such as these losers who thought it good to insult me!


About PurpleT

Much of my photography is art and documentary. I try to capture a scene as i see it in my mind, whether that be black and white, colour, or somewhere in between. I try to make an interesting, and/or attractive image from what i see around me, not just what would be expected, but also subjects that would be seen boring, mundane, or ugly by many. But they all have an interest as art photography. I have also spent nearly twenty years working as a life model, then the human figure in art is very important to me, and is something i try to bring into my work at times.
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2 Responses to Sad Bastards!!

  1. GB says:

    they were lucky I wasn’t around. πŸ˜€

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