Hazy Landscape…

We can never know exactly how the weather will be when we head out to photograph the landscape. The conditions may be wonderful as we set out, but by the time we reach a good vantage point it may have changed slightly. We look for the glorious sunrise or sunset, but it doesn’t quite happen. In the same way we have a tendency to look for that really clear view with just the right clouds and sunlight, but it turns a bit murky and hazy.
Well so what!
That hazy look with a long lens can be really attractive too, so let’s try to make the most of it. Some photographers do, but others seem disappointed. Try to make the most of what you have on the day, go and enjoy being in a beautiful area and get some nice hazy shots.

These were taken at Stanage Edge in the Peak District National Park, the same place as my last blog post. I think they work quite nicely.














About PurpleT

Much of my photography is art and documentary. I try to capture a scene as i see it in my mind, whether that be black and white, colour, or somewhere in between. I try to make an interesting, and/or attractive image from what i see around me, not just what would be expected, but also subjects that would be seen boring, mundane, or ugly by many. But they all have an interest as art photography. I have also spent nearly twenty years working as a life model, then the human figure in art is very important to me, and is something i try to bring into my work at times.
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