Enjoying The Moment

I felt a little love for this person yesterday, that general love for a fellow human being.

Our paths joined as we walked up Stanage Edge. She walked ahead and then stopped to photograph her friends standing on this rock. As they came down one of them offered to take her photo up there as well. She walked up just ahead of me. She raised her arms and closed her eyes. She looked to be totally lost in the moment and gave off a feeling of complete contentment and joy in being there. I just got the one photograph, then she opened her eyes, looked down at her friend and started posing for photos whilst smiling and laughing. I didn’t want to take any more photos, i just wanted to look for a moment and walk away with a smile on my face. There was great beauty in seeing someone looking so joyful just standing on a rock with the sun shining down and a gentle breeze blowing.

I’ll never see her again, never know her name, and unless she sees this blog post she’ll never know that she gave a fellow human cause to smile and walk away feeling good about the world in that moment. So whoever you are, thank you.







About PurpleT

Much of my photography is art and documentary. I try to capture a scene as i see it in my mind, whether that be black and white, colour, or somewhere in between. I try to make an interesting, and/or attractive image from what i see around me, not just what would be expected, but also subjects that would be seen boring, mundane, or ugly by many. But they all have an interest as art photography. I have also spent nearly twenty years working as a life model, then the human figure in art is very important to me, and is something i try to bring into my work at times.
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2 Responses to Enjoying The Moment

  1. Sparkyjen says:

    I’m glad your eagle-eye caught this snap. It a good one. It made me wonder what this young lady was thinking too. I imagine her feeling free in this moment. And if she could, maybe like a bird, fly!

    • PurpleT says:

      Thanks for the comment.
      She briefly seemed to be pretty much oblivious to everything else, and yes, i too imagine she maybe felt free in that moment. It really was quite lovely to see.

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