Wells Cathedral

During my holiday in July i stopped off at  campsite on the edge of Glastonbury so i could have a day out with a friend who lives in nearby Wells. After a great day out we took a wander around Wells and i had to grab this photo looking back at the Cathedral. I don’t remember ever seeing a photo from this view before, but i thought it was rather lovely.












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Cat Art!

Yesterday morning three of ended up having a bit of a conversation about art, especially modern and conceptual art. The point was made that you can take an object and place it on display and call it art. So we put one of these cat things down and i decided to photograph it. Then we played about a bit more and i ended up with this series of four photos. They have a nice little narrative…….well sort of. I also think they make quite a nice little set of photos considering we were just messing around for a few minutes.



Taken using the Hipstamatic app on an iPhone.




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Hazy Landscape…

We can never know exactly how the weather will be when we head out to photograph the landscape. The conditions may be wonderful as we set out, but by the time we reach a good vantage point it may have changed slightly. We look for the glorious sunrise or sunset, but it doesn’t quite happen. In the same way we have a tendency to look for that really clear view with just the right clouds and sunlight, but it turns a bit murky and hazy.
Well so what!
That hazy look with a long lens can be really attractive too, so let’s try to make the most of it. Some photographers do, but others seem disappointed. Try to make the most of what you have on the day, go and enjoy being in a beautiful area and get some nice hazy shots.

These were taken at Stanage Edge in the Peak District National Park, the same place as my last blog post. I think they work quite nicely.













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Stanage Edge

A quick iPhone shot whilst pottering about on Stanage Edge in the Peak District National Park a couple of days ago.



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You Can Never Hurt Me!

They put me down, they bullied me, they tried to strip me of my dignity, then they beat me and thought they were rid of me forever….




But i’m stronger than they could ever imagine.
I’m invincible!
They can’t bully me, they cannot strip me of my dignity as it’s greater than they could ever comprehend, their beatings do not hurt me, they will never get rid of me!

I am greater than them!
I am stronger than them!

I live, and they will be haunted by what they tried to do to me!


I never die!




Love to all


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Phallus Impudicus

Woodland Penis……
Cock Of The Woods…..
Or better known as a Stink Horn.

Whilst walking in the woods today we found some of these little beauties.



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The White Cliffs Of Dover

Today’s little outing was to the famous White Cliffs. This is another from the iPhone using the Hipstamatic app. At this point the rain was starting to drift in so it has a slight mistiness.



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