The White Cliffs Of Dover

Today’s little outing was to the famous White Cliffs. This is another from the iPhone using the Hipstamatic app. At this point the rain was starting to drift in so it has a slight mistiness.



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Glastonbury Tor

I’m on a bit of a road trip at the moment to celebrate my birthday, which was a few days ago. I had a couple of nights on a really lovely campsite (Paddington Farm Trust) on the outskirts of Glastonbury.

After setting up my tent I needed to stretch my legs so of course wandered up the Tor. Here’s a photo taken on my phone on the way back down.



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Naked UrbEx

This is just a trial video of some naked urban exploration.

The main part of what i’m trying to do is art nude photography, in this case within the urban exploration style. I started using video and realised it could help me view different settings and poses, not just in the derelict building type settings, but anywhere i’m on my own trying to create art nude self portraits. I also started to see how i could possibly use the video itself as a part of the art.

A lot of this come from me having been a life model for over 20 years, mostly as my main job, so although i now have a different full time job, the use of the figure in photography is very important to me.

This is by no means the finished product. I want to try and find music that may fit, i think in this one it’s reasonable, but maybe not perfect. I need to also think more about what to video and how to those clips together.
Sometimes i may want to show how i go about getting photos, and other times just show the exploration. For the moment it’s all about experimenting and trying find something that works well, so please bear with me and maybe help me along the way.

I do a bit of Urban Exploration from time to time. On some of those trips i also try to do some art nude photos. I wander around to try and find the right places and poses. It’s hard alone so i decided to try some video to record what i’m trying to do. It also made me realise that with video i can try poses and see what they’re like, then take still images. Time isn’t always with me as there’s always the risk of people coming along and most won’t appreciate what i’m trying to do

Back in January i took a few video clips at a site was visiting and this is the result.


Naked UrbEx from Purple T on Vimeo.


Photos taken during this trip.

First is a still from the video, this is what started to make me realise that video can help with poses.



This one fits with others i do about the way the human figure is forced to be hidden away by the warped view of many in society who can’t cope with a bit of flesh. It shows me trapped in a dark and dismal place.



And again trapped and trying to find a way out.







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Having recently decided to get a new phone and finally upgrade from the old iPhone 3G to the 5S it was interesting to see all the updates on camera apps.

One of the apps I’d liked is “Slow Shutter”. I felt there was potential to experiment more, especially to create movement in photos of people. The greater control offered with the app compared to early versions is really encouraging me to see what effects it can do.

Last night I had a quick experiment with a self portrait. The result was encouraging. I then edited it in “Snapseed” and used a simple effect to help darken the background.

As a starter I’m quite pleased with this.







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Earth Wizard……On Laundry Day

The title is a description given by a viewer on Flickr. He also said on one of them that it was “like viewing the world through an enchanted snow globe….without the snow”
I really liked what he said. He’s studying art and you can see his work on Flickr here

I took these using the Lensbaby fisheye optic.












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I’ve been exploring something of the darker side recently, a sinister side, that film character that never dies and just keeps on killing.







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Chillin in the late winter sun…

After three months of almost constant rain i managed to take advantage of a little late winter sun whist having a few days off work. It also gave me the chance to strip off and be at home with nature in the woods.

As much of my self nudes are about being hidden away due to restraints of society, i thought it’d be nice to actually share something a little more relaxed.
With a new Lensbaby fisheye optic in the camera bag i decided to give it a go.

When taking photos i almost always have it in mind to edit them as black and white, it’s a throwback to film days when i used black and white all the time. Although i posted the black and white ones on Flickr, i really like the colour versions. Even at the time of taking i was pretty torn between whether i wanted black and white or colour. I guess it’s one of the bonuses of digital that we get the RAW file to do as we want with.

Just Chillin!

Just Chillin in the sun…..
The effect of the fisheye optic creates some distortion as you move away from the centre of the image. Although it means i’m getting this distortion, i don’t think it detracts from the image at all.

In Nature

Enjoying the late afternoon rays…


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